Terms and Conditions

Date of last revision: 2/1/07

There are only a few terms and conditions governing the use of this website. They will be
briefly discussed below. Please take a few minutes to read through them so you are familiar
with what they say. Thank you.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the owners of this site, any related websites to
this site, its staff, and its subsidiaries. You agree that any injuries or death resulting from
your hike/trip and/or the failure of the site to notify your contacts will not be held against
the site or its staff.

The use of this site does not remove the burden of responsibility from you regarding safety.
The Trip Notifier is only a tool to inform others if you do not return from a planned hike/trip on
time so they can get help. If you do not return when you had planned, it is up to your contacts
to check on you, the site will take no action. If you don't have any verified contact addresses,
noone will be notified of your failure to return on time. It is your responsibility to make sure
you have at least one verified address before taking your hike/trip.

No personal information will be shared with anyone. Your username, email addresses, etc
will be kept confidential and will only be given to the appropriate authorities should any
request them. A cookie will be placed on your computer, but ONLY for the purpose of keeping
your username when you login. No other information about your computer will be collected.
Bulk emails from the administrator may occasionally be sent regarding changes to the site
but we will try to hold these to a minimum. The only other email you will receive from the
site will be in response to things you do such as changing your password, filling out a
trip notification, etc.

Please be respectful and courteous. Do not use any email addresses for contacts if
someone doesn't want their address used. If complaints are given about any user,
they will try to be resolved. If they cannot be resolved, or it the user in question is
uncooperative, the email address of that user will be added to the banned list and
their account will be removed. That address may no longer be used on the site.

No monetary remuneration is required to use any part of the site. However, should you
wish to contribute, donations will be gladly accepted. Please see the donate page for
more details.

If you currently have an account and don't accept these terms and conditions you
may have your account removed. To do so, go to the contact page and fill out the
form using 'Remove Account' as the Problem/Issue. We are sorry to see you go.


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